Hello and welcome to my website!  The need for something slightly more extensive than a blog has arisen, so this will serve as a hybrid artist page/blog/gathering space for activities and musings.

A bit about myself:  My vocation, in the simplest and purest sense of the word, is music.  Ever since I first sat down at a piano and held the horn in my hands, the path of making music my life’s work illuminated everything else.  My studies and subsequent career as a professional horn player have taken me literally around the world, introducing me to amazing people and another great love: travel. Through countless voyages and living in several different countries, I’ve discovered an enthusiasm for languages, international cuisine, and quirky people; also a greater appreciation of home, family, and friends at the end of the journey.

Ever since childhood, spirituality in all its aspects has fascinated me, particularly anything mystical, any area of crossing and connection – matter and spirit, nature and humanity, music and healing.  Tiny details that reveal larger principles, small gestures with rippling effects, a word or quality of presence at the right moment that makes all the difference – here is the magic and the beauty of life. I’m so grateful to be here, in exactly this moment.  Thank you for joining me!

One thought on “Greetings!

  1. I still remember going into the music store with you and your sitting down at one of the pianos and asking the lady to show you “middle C”. Forever burned into the mind of a proud dad.

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